Arriving late or leaving early from Budapest? This article compares 9 hotels near Budapest airport, outlining features and benefits to help you choose the best Budapest airport hotel for you!


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9 Hotels Near Budapest Airport for Every Budget

Unlike airports in many big cities, there isn’t a massive selection of hotels at Budapest airport. In fact, there’s technically only one. The ibis Styles Budapest Airport is just a few steps from the Budapest airport terminal.

While the ibis Styles is the only hotel at the terminal, the town in which the airport is technically located (Vecs) has a wider selection of hotels specializing in the needs of travelers who are arriving late, leaving early, and are likely in need of transportation to and from the airport.

This article compares outlines our top three choices among the various airport hotels in Budapest, compares some of the features, and answers common questions about the different Budapest airport hotel offerings. We also outline a few cheap airport hotels in Budapest and compare which hotels offer an airport shuttle (and which will require a taxi or transit).

If you’re planning to stay overnight near BUD airport, read on.


Our 3 Top Picks for Hotels Near Budapest Airport

Our favorite Budapest airport hotels include:

All three of these properties tend to compete on price, coming in around the US $100 per night range when we checked.

Given prices that are quite similar, it’s really a matter of weighing up the location vs. amenities.

In terms of location, the ibis is the hands-down winner, as it’s only a few steps from the terminal.

When it comes to amenities, however, the other two hotels have a leg up. The Airport Hotel Budapest and Airport Hotel Stacio have wellness facilities, whereas the ibis does not. Further, the Airport Hotel Budapest has free parking, whereas the others offer paid parking.

If I were arriving late or departing early, I’d personally choose the ibis. That said, we’ve outlined the features of our top 3 picks below.

Budapest Airport Hotel Profiles: Our 3 Top Picks

Ibis Styles Budapest Airport

✓ 3-star ✓ Highly rated by past guests ✓ The only Budapest airport hotel that’s actually at the airport ✓ On-site parking (paid) ✓ Bar and restaurant ✓ Breakfast included ✓ Family rooms available

(Video has a bit of talking in Hungarian, but it also shows you the hotel and gives you and idea of what to expect!)

Chic and cheerful, the ibis Styles Budapest airport hotel has everything you need for an overnight stay. It offers air conditioned rooms, Wifi, a bar and restaurant, breakfast, parking, and basic but well-thought-out rooms for your stay.

Rooms have flat-screen TVs and safes to store your valuables. Bathrooms have showers, hairdryers and toiletries. Microfiber pillows, quality bedding, and a mattress topper make for comfy beds.

The hotel’s decor fits with the ibis Styles brand. It has a cheerful aesthetic that looks like seems to be going for an affordable boutique vibe.

Super fancy? No. Cute and functional? Absolutely.

Past Guest Ratings of ibis Styles Budapest Airport on Booking.comOverall Score: 8.8 /10 Location Score: 9.5 /10 Staff Score: 8.8 / 10 Facilities Score: 8.5 / 10


How to Book ibis Styles Budapest Airport

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Ibis Styles Budapest Airport Hotel Exterior
Exterior entrance of the ibis Styles Budapest Airport location. Photo courtesy of AccorHotels
Ibis Styles Budapest Airport Hotel Room Interior
Interior of a room at the ibis Styles Budapest Airport location. Photo courtesy of AccorHotels

Airport Hotel Budapest

✓ 4-star ✓ Free airport shuttle ✓ 5-minute drive from airport ✓ On-site parking (free) ✓ Bar and restaurant ✓ Sauna, jacuzzi and small fitness room ✓ Breakfast included ✓ Family rooms available

While not at the airport, the Airport Hotel Budapest is pretty darn close. It’s a 5-minute drive, which can be done via the hotel’s free airport shuttle.

A 4-star hotel, the decor is slightly dated compared to the ibis, but the amenities are a step-up. The hotel offers a jacuzzi, small fitness room, and sauna, and parking is free (rather than paid at the ibis).

As with the ibis, rooms at the Airport Hotel Budapest are air conditioned. Other amenities include Wifi, hair dryers and irons, and laptop safes.

If you arrive late at night or early in the morning, the hotel has a 24 hour restaurant and cafe. This is a great feature if you expect to be hungry upon arrival, when everything at the airport is closed. Breakfast is included in your room rate, and starts at 4am, which is perfect for early flights.

Past guest ratings on Booking.comOverall Score: 8.5 /10 Location Score: 8.7 /10 Staff Score: 8.6 / 10 Facilities Score: 8.3 / 10

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Budapest Airport Hotel Stacio

✓ 4-star ✓ Free airport shuttle ✓ 10-minute drive from airport ✓ Parking (paid) ✓ Bar and restaurant ✓ Swimming pool, sauna, and jacuzzi ✓ Breakfast included ✓ Family rooms available

Airport Hotel Stacio isn’t right at the airport: it’s about a 10-minute drive. The hotel has a free shuttle to transport you back and forth.

Rated as a 4-star, this hotel has a modern look and feel, and offers a nice wellness area with a pool, jacuzzi, and sauna. The hotel also has nice grounds, including a pretty outdoor terrace. Parking is available, but not included in the room rate.

The included breakfast includes a cold breakfast starting at 3:30 am. This is geared to those departing on the first-of-the-day 6am flights. From 6am, a hot buffet breakfast is offered.

At the time of writing, this was the top-rated hotel near Budapest airport, other than the ibis.

Airport Hotel Stacio Past Guest Ratings on Overall Score: 8.6 /10 Location Score: 8.4 /10 Staff Score: 8.8 / 10 Facilities Score: 8.7 / 10

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What Other Options are there for Hotels Near Budapest Airport?

If $100 feels like too much to spend for one night at an airport hotel, there are also a few relatively cheap hotels near Budapest airport. There are also a few mid-range options.

Are there any Hostels Near Budapest Airport?

While there aren’t any hostels, there are a few good options for cheap hotels near Budapest Airport. These hotels are typically priced at less than $40 per night. You can sometimes find a room for less than $35 per night, depending on time of year, day of the week, and exchange rates.

Airport Glossel Panzio (rated 8.0/10) tends to be the cheapest hotel near Budapest Airport. When we looked, we found rooms for $32 (midweek in off-season). This hotel doesn’t offer an airport shuttle. You should expect to pay around 1700 Forint (about US $6 at the time of writing) for a taxi.

Slightly more expensive than Airport Glossel Panzio, but still affordable at less than $40 per night, are the Halasz Airport Panzio (rated 8.1/10), Hargita Panzio (rated 7.9/10) and Airport Kristina Panzio (rated 7.7/10).

Are There Any Mid-Range Budapest Hotels Near the Airport?

Sarokhaz Panzio (rated 8.2/10) is a cute guesthouse that costs around $50 per night. It’s housed in a lovely little building on beautiful grounds. They offer an airport shuttle and parking for an extra fee.

Hotel Ferihegy (rated 7.4/10) is another option costing between $50 and $60 per night. As with Sarokhaz Panzio, parking and transfers can be organized for an additional fee.

Which Hotels Offer Shuttles to Budapest Airport?

The table below summarizes which of Budapest’s airport hotels offer a shuttle to the airport, and which will require you to call a taxi or figure out public transportation.

HotelPast Guest RatingApprox. Price Range (USD $)Airport Shuttle?Availability & Rates
ibis Styles Budapest Airport8.8 / 10$85 to $150Not ApplicableCheck
Airport Hotel Budapest 8.5 / 10$93 to $160FreeCheck
Airport Hotel Stáció8.6 / 10$102 to $148FreeCheck
Airport Glossel Panzió8.0 / 10$32 to $48No
Halász Airport Panzio8.1 / 10$37 to $50NoCheck
Hargita Panzio7.9 / 10$37 to $58NoCheck
Airport Kristina Panzio7.7 / 10$39 to $58NoCheck
Sarokhaz Panzio8.2 / 10$50PaidCheck
Hotel Ferihegy7.4 / 10$45 to $68PaidCheck


We hope this post helps you choose the best hotel for your late night arrival or early morning departure from Budapest!